A downloadable story for Windows, macOS, and Android

Join Lucilia on her journey of self-growth as she learns to fly while being chased by the expectations of her mother, the harsh competition of her rival (Tia, The Mosquito), and her own self-realization of what she has become.

A game jam visual created within 40 hours with the theme wings.

Character Art by Kei Cyanyan  (https://twitter.com/keicyanyanart)
BGM by Tony Kaku (https://twitter.com/tony_kaku)
Story & Management by Daoko La Myr (https://www.facebook.com/DaokoLaMyr/)
Additional Story: Shyk & RainbowMatrix

Personal Note: I would like to apologize for the grammatical errors and inconsistent pacing.  We will also be working on improving this on our spare time. - Daoko 


Diptera-1.0-pc.zip 47 MB
Diptera-1.0-mac.zip 29 MB
Diptera-1.0-release.apk 44 MB


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11/10 would fap haha

Wait till +18 Content comes out


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